Australian Mother Testimonial

I arrived in the Netherlands with my three boys, aged 9, 5 and 3. My eldest had already been diagnosed with ADHD. But it was my second son who was struggling at school. A close friend, whose child had Aspergers Sydrome, recognized the symptoms and told me about Mariefloor. She said she was a clinical psychologist who dealt with the International Community and was head of the SEN Department at an International School. I was very relieved to be put in contact with Mariefloor who assessed my second child for ASD and reassessed my eldest son. She was extremely thorough in her in-clinic assessment of them and when my husband and I met with her to read the assessments we could easily see where the boys required assistance.


Mariefloor planned the boys' therapy sessions and showed me clear goals they would be working towards. The boys quickly warmed to her - she was kind yet firm in her approach.

We have since moved away but I would recommend anyone wishing to have their child assessed or attend therapy to contact Mariefloor.