Client Fees

An individual psycho-educational assessment consists of an:

  • Intake phase (max. 2 hours)
  • Assessment phase (between 2-18 hours)
  • Advice/recommendation phase (max. 2 hours)

The costs of a full individual psycho-educational assessment amount to €750,–.

After the first part of the assessment (i.e. intake and assessment phase) half of the assessment costs will be charged and just before the advice/recommendation phase the other half of the assessment costs will be charged.

An individual training will consist of:

  • A psychological training plan with practical goals (max. 2 hours)
  • Weekly training sessions of 1 hour per week (max. 1 hour)
  • A psychological evaluation report with an analysis of achieved goals and recommendations (max. 2-4 hours)

The costs for an individual psychological trainings, consultation, file analysis, requesting a second opinion, consultation and workshops will be €75,– per hour.

All costs are excluding 21% VAT.

For all payments an extra charge (€10) will be charged when payment is not received within 14 days.