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Learning is not always easy for some children. They might find it difficult to follow the subject matter or find it hard to concentrate for a longer period of time. Sometimes children develop behavioral and social-emotional problems, because learning is difficult. As a result they could fall behind their classmates and lose interest in school.

If this occurs, it is understandable that you as parents are concerned about how to proceed. Unique Faces can offer you a solution by providing you with different services such as: an individual psycho-educational assessment, psychological training, a file analysis, a second opinion or a consultation. My goal is to better understand your child’s current needs and to support his/her development in order to reach his/her full potential. It is important that your child has the opportunity to grow up as a balanced individual and to feel comfortable in his/her environment. An individual psycho-educational assessment could offer a solution.

Psycho‑Educational Assessments


An individual psycho-educational assessment can determine what is causing your child's learning and/or social-emotional and behavioral difficulties. The school context which might cause your child's difficulties should be taken into account. The child's developmental and educational background will also be of importance.

Psychological Trainings


Children might develop some problems in their development at school and at home. Therefore, a training can be set up which consists of a psychological training plan with weekly sessions. The psychological training plan consists of practical aims which tackle specific problems. Dependent on the problem area, trainings can be offered on individual and group basis.

File Analysis


I will analyze all the data which already exist about the development of your child (e.g. previous psychological assessments, medical data, school reports, observations, individual education plans and pupil monitoring files).

Second Opinion


If you would like to have a second opinion about the development of your child, then I can analyze the data from an objective point of view.

Psycho‑Educational Workshops


I can offer workshops for various organizations about psychological topics (e.g. setting up a dyslexia-friendly school, how to handle students with behavioral difficulties, such as, ADHD and high-functioning autism). You can contact me to explore the exact needs of your organization.

Classroom Observations


It is possible to set up a classroom observation to observe a student of concern and discuss practical recommendations for school and parents to support the student in the classroom.

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