Psycho-Educational Assessment Procedure

The assessment procedure consists of the following steps:

1. Parents will be asked to fill in one or more forms about the development of their child, before they will be interviewed.

2. In addition, an intake with the parents will be arranged.

3. Then the assessment with your child will begin. This will take about one or two half-days depending on the reason for referral. Different assessment tools will be used in order to identify your child's strengths and areas for growth, his/her personal characteristics, abilities, skills and interests. Your son or daughter will be asked to answer some questions and perform a variety of tasks, such as making a puzzle, laying out mosaic patterns and filling in checklists. In addition language and math tasks might be used.

4. After the assessment a formal report will be written.

  1. This report consists of the following aspects:
    1. Personal data
    2. Referral questions
    3. Background information (which consists of the data from the intake)
    4. Assessment results
    5. Conclusions and recommendations for both parents and school
  2. The annex consists of the following aspects:
    1. Problem analysis
    2. Specific assessment tools
    3. Assessment results
    4. Checking hypotheses

5. Finally, an advice meeting will be organized with the parents. If considered useful the school and/or other services can also be present during this meeting.

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