Alice Pickering

picture My name is Alice Pickering. I am British and was raised primarily in the Netherlands, where I had an International education, which enabled me to be Bilingual ( English and Dutch). I am currently working at The Amsterdam International Community school, as a Learning support assistant, working one-to one with children with learning and behavioural challenges (Dyspraxia, Pdd-Nos, Adhd). As a Psychology graduate ( B.Sc and M.Sc)- both of which I obtained from London universities, I feel that I have gained skills to help me work empathically with these students. I enjoy helping them build on their own strengths and creativity. My background in ESL teaching, which I did for eight years, in London, Mexico and Belgium have also greatly helped me with one-to-one work. During my time teaching I met many students from different countries, and taught a variety of age groups whereby I learned to adapt my teaching methods to help students learn in a multisensory way.

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