Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer individual psychological training for children?

The Clinical-Developmental Psychologist offers psychological training for children and adolescents. She does offer individual consultations to parents on how to handle their child’s behavior at home. It is possible to set up a behavior modification program (e.g. reward system) with parents in order to address challenging behaviors of the child at home.


Will your services be covered by the Dutch health insurance?

The reimbursement of the psycho-educational assessment and training costs depends on the type of health insurance which you have. Unfortunately, I do not have contracts with Dutch health insurances.


On which areas can a psychological training focus?

A psychological training can focus on the following challenges at school or/and at home: learning problems, social-emotional problems, behavioral problems and giftedness. The focus of this type of training is for the child/adolescent to develop specific skills to learn how to better handle his problems at school and at home.

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